“The 4th Nigerian Dredging Summit Calabar 2010” Starts on 22 September

The Abstracts Committee of “The 4th Nigerian Dredging Summit Calabar 2010″ would like to hereby invite all interested persons and organisations who wish to do so, to submit for consideration, papers, for inclusion in the summit presentations.

The presentations may have a focus on any of the various aspects of dredging and dredging technology, financing, field operations security, manpower and manpower development programmes, community and social responsibility priorities in agitated communities, remediation and eco-dredging. All other areas can be proposed for the healthy development of the sector in Nigeria.

Date:  September 22 – 24 2010 (Wednesday – Friday).

Time: 10 AM – 4 PM Daily

Special Exhibitors:

Italdraghe SpA, Italy; Pioneer Equipment USA; Anolgas Nigeria Ltd; Pioneer Equipment USA.

Special Topics:

“The environmental interface between dredging, maritime and oil field operations” by Prof. Akintonwa Alade.

“How Surveying Will Solve Calabar River Dredging Project” by Prof P C Nwilo.

A lecture by Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron on “Training Profiles for the Marine Industry”.

Other topics and lectures will be delivered by other resource persons and Participating Agencies / Companies.



Source: ddhmag, September 15, 2010