Alan Trees, Dredge Designer and Manufacturer, Joins Sunergy Advisory Board

Sunergy, Inc. is pleased to announce that Alan Trees, Owner of Gold Dredge Builders Warehouse of Riggins, Idaho has joined the Sunergy Advisory Board. Mr. Trees has over 35 years’ experience in successfully building gold recovery equipment and dredges that operate effectively in the harshest environments in the world. Mr. Trees’ expertise will now be available to oversee and advise the Company’s alluvial gold, diamond and Rare Earth recovery operations in Sierra Leone and Ghana, West Africa. The Company plans to implement the Trees designed dredges in all its river based alluvial operations.

Dredge designer and Manufacturer Alan Trees says: “I have organized over 30 overseas dredging operations in 35 years and have designed these specialized 8 inch gold dredges for high yield of gold and rare earths as well as strategic metals. My design in gold dredges that use the under sump design will outperform most low pay and poor recovery units used today. I have turned around several marginal mining operations in South America, Australia, and Nome, Alaska with my technology and design. I will accompany the Sunergy Dredges to Sierra Leone and Ghana to make sure that each system is operating at peak efficiency. I believe in your African venture and will help in every way to insure its success.

“My Gold Grabber 8 inch gold dredge uses a sump system that reclassifies the materials… pulls them out of suspension into a ‘low flow’ recovery deck. This deck can be set to recover, hard to recover rare earths, strategic metals and gold… as well as large and small diamonds. It is common knowledge in the gold mining industry that removing valuable minerals from high flowing water and controlling them from ‘river to the recovery deck’ is the key to a successful dredging operation that leads to higher profits.”

Bryan Miller, Sunergy President, says: “Alan Trees has been very helpful to Allied’s test mining operation in Sierra Leone over the past 2 years and to have him give us this vote of confidence speaks volumes for the success of our operations. We are now prepared to ‘Dial In’ the dredges in actual operating conditions which will insure the most efficient recovery of our Rare Earths, Gold and diamonds. Now that our initial 3 dredges are financed, we are targeted to begin operations in early January 2011.”

About Sunergy:

The Company is an aggressive junior mining exploration and development Company that is production oriented at the earliest possible profitable opportunity. We control 100% of the 150 SQ. Km. Nyinahin mining concession with a full prospecting license in Ghana, West Africa and the 140.1 sq. km. Pampana River Rare Earth, Gold and Diamond concession in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We are focused on near term production of these properties this season. We are production and acquisition oriented and are considering several additional projects suitable for near term production in West Africa.


Source: sunergygold, November 29, 2010