Dredging in India, 2nd Annual Conference

The demand for dredging continues to grow in India driven by greater focus on port infrastructure development, use of larger vessels, increased attention to coastal shipping and inland water transportation, changes in technology. Needs & Requirements, Issues & Opportunities about dredging in India, from August 25-26, 2011, in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

This demand is set to accelerate further in the coming years. The Maritime Agenda 2010-2020 envisages increasing the draft in all major ports to a minimum of 14 metres (and in some ports to 17 metres). Dredging projects worth over Rs 200 billion have already been planned between now and 2020. However, the growing demand has not been complemented by a commensurate increase in the Indian dredger fleet. There are only a few dredging players in the country and most of them have their dredgers tied up with ongoing contracts.The dredging capacity in India needs to be significantly enhanced. There is a need and opportunity for new players (especially global companies) to enter the dredging business in India.

There is also a need for improvement in dredging methods and for the introduction of new technology and equipment. There are other key issues and requirements that need to be addressed. The skills and knowledge of dredger operators need to be upgraded continuously. The frequency of the depth survey process needs to be standardised across all ports. The national waterways need to be dredged properly to make them navigational. The environmental concerns need to be addressed better.

The mission of this conference is to provide an update on the dredging industry in India, discuss key issues and requirements, and highlight emerging opportunities. It will also showcase new and promising initiatives, projects, technologies, approaches and solutions.


Source: India Infrastructure, July 7, 2011