USA: Weeks Marine Inc. Acquires McNally Construction

Weeks Marine, Inc. announced, that it had purchased McNally Construction, Inc. of Hamilton, Ontario.

“With this acquisition, Weeks Marine strengthens its presence in North America’s tunneling industry and establishes a significant presence in Canada, said Richard S. Weeks, president and CEO. “Bringing McNally into the Weeks family enhances our ability to compete with the increasingly multi-national players in our industry.”

McNally Construction will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Weeks Marine, Inc. and will continue to operate in the tunneling and marine construction markets in both Canada and the United States.

McNally’s dredging equipment includes a 16-inch cutterhead dredge John Holden; a four cubic yard backhoe dredge Harold M., eight clamshell dredges and a four cubic yard dipper dredge, No. 20.


Source: Weeks Marine, July 11, 2011