China: THEC Contracted for Reclamation Project at Wenzhou Port

CCCC Third Harbour Engineering Company Limited (THEC) won the bid for the reclamation project (deposition promotion dike of the third section) in the Zhuangyuanao area at Wenzhou Port, with a bidding amount of RMB 295 million and a construction period of 24 months.Located in the north of Zhuangyuanao Island at Wenzhou Port, the project is a major supporting project in the port area.

The dike involved in the project has a length of 2,000 meters and a body section width of 76 to 96 meters. The crest elevation of the submerged dike is 0.2 meter and is the finished elevation. The project will help to increase the comprehensive strength of Wenzhou Port and play a positive role in changing Wenzhou from a “riverside city” into a “seaside city”.


Source: CCCC, July 15, 2011