USA: Port of Seattle Welcomes China’s Minister of Transport, COSCO Delegations

The Port of Seattle last week welcomed China’s Minister of Transport, Li Shenglin, a delegation of Ministry of Transport officials, Chinese Consul General staff, and COSCO America’s new President Liu Hanbo. The delegation visit from a high government official of China is rare, and a welcome surprise for the port.

“China is the Port of Seattle’s largest trading partner, and we appreciate that Mr. Li and his delegation have taken time out of their busy schedule to visit,” said Tay Yoshitani, Port of Seattle CEO. “Trade between our countries means jobs for this region, and COSCO has a long and special relationship with the Port of Seattle.”

COSCO’s Lui Lin Hai was the first vessel to call the United States after the normalization of trade with China. Since its historic arrival over 30 years ago at the Port of Seattle, COSCO has become one of the port’s most important customers.

We want to thank the Port of Seattle for its hospitality in hosting Mr. Li and his delegation from the Ministry of Transport, and as we welcome our newest President for COSCO Americas Inc., Liu Hanbo,” said COSCO. “We look forward to continued business with the Port of Seattle.”

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Source: portseattle, September 22, 2011;