France: Officials Seek Bids for Dredging Work at Port of Paris

Port autonome de Paris has announced tender for dredging work in the district of Port of Paris (Region Ile-de-France). 

Work Includes:

Dredging work with elimination of non-hazardous inert sediments;

Dredging unpolluted (inert) and polluted (non inert) materials;

Riprap dredging and specialist works;

Interventions for levelling sediments;

Intervention to redistribute materials in the aquatic environment;

Sediment transport of potentially inert materials;

Sediment transport of non-inert materials;

Care and management of inert sediments;

Monitoring and assessments of operations.

Divided into lots – tenders may be submitted for part or whole.

Tender Details: Open Procedure.

Dated: 04/10/2011.

Tender Deadline: 9.11.2011.

Source: paris-ports, October 7, 2011