Canada: Major Insists on Thames River Dredging

Flood associated issues, Chatham-Kent is facing this week, could be diminished by dredging the mouth of the Thames River at Lake St. Clair, explained Mayor Randy Hope.

The major insists on dredging the shallow river mouth to enable flood water to easily escape into the lake.

Hope believes that drainage will help the situation.

However, Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren sees the picture differently.

All the dredging in the world at the river mouth isn’t going to accomplish a thing,” he said. “Lake St. Clair itself is only six feet deep off the river mouth.

The MP added that the river is under the jurisdiction of the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority and not the federal government.

Jerry Campbell, the LTVCA’s general manager, said that ice jamming is the major problem caused by the shallow water at the river mouth and that he doubts dredging would help with this week’s flooding.

Rick Nicholls, newly elected Chatham-Kent Essex MPP, said that prior to making any comments he would have to investigate the whole situation.


Dredging Today Staff, December 5, 2011;