Bahrain: MMC Plans to Investigate Allegations of Land Reclamation Violations

The Manama Municipal Council is planning to inspect a number of reclamation permits, types of permit, reasons given for reclamation and permit expiry dates in order to look into allegations of land reclamation violations filled five years ago.

Although the Council paused reclamation in Karbabad and in Tubli Bay in September, the areas with the highest number of reported violations, nothing has changed and reclamation is still underway.

Council vice-chairman Mohammed Mansoor stressed a seafront hotel as an illustration of unlawful activities. In this area land reclamation has been undertaken with an expired permit and with no surveillance.

Mr. Mansoor added that a full report on this situation will be composed.

Manama Municipality officials confirmed that they had issued four licenses for reclamation work in Tubli since July, even if it is a protected zone according to a royal decree.

Once it was realized that the undertakings in Karbabad were not in alignment with Bahrain’s Master Plan 2030, the Councilors paused all corresponding activities.


Dredging Today Staff, December 12, 2011;