USA: Fort Myers Beach Renourishment Completed

After 12 years of planning and nine months of construction, the Fort Myers Beach renourishment project is expected to be completed today.

The $4 million project stretches a mile long, from Bowditch Point to just past the Fort Myers Beach Pier.

The beaches lose approximately three feet of sand per year. The renourishment project widened the beach, adding about 315,000 cubic yards of sand, or 300 feet to each section of beach.

Delays with the project due to weather and equipment failure forced many businesses to lose customers.

Project leaders say they originally wanted to renourish another four miles of beach but 42% of business owners along the shore did not want to participate.

All of the remaining equipment and orange fencing left behind should be off the beach by the end of the week.

The renourishment should last an estimated 10 years.


Dredging Today Staff, December 19, 2011;