Australia: Noosa Dog Beach Project Back on Track

After striking an early snag, the Noosa Dog Beach project is back on track.

Division 11 councillor Russell Green said a new dredge would soon be in place and work set to begin early in the new year.

The news follows a delay caused when the dredge originally called in for the job was unable to deal with the amount of submerged vegetation.

 “The new dredge will deliver three times the volume of sand needed to fill the geotextile bags that will be close off the channel and renourish the beach,” Cr Green said.

 “The arrival of the dredge at Noosa Spit has been delayed due to it being used to remove a new sand shoal from the Mooloolah River entrance that was created during the recent offshore low pressure system that caused large swells.”

Cr Green said the project would take six months to complete.

 “For years the main channel of Noosa River has been tending to migrate south, putting erosion pressure on the river foreshore of Noosa Spit.

 “If this is allowed to continue, the erosion of the peninsula will eventually expose Noosa Sound properties to currents and wave action.

 “A section of this peninsula known as Dog Beach is a very popular swimming and recreational area for locals and tourists and it is experiencing severe shoreline erosion.

 “These works will encourage the channel to flow in a slightly different direction.”


Dredging Today Staff, December 27, 2011;