Finland: Future Looks Bright for Port of Raahe

Future Looks Bright for Port of Raahe

The new deep-water quay in the Port of Raahe was inaugurated recently. The quay allows a draught of 10 metres. It has brought about considerable improvements in the transport services for industry and commerce.

In addition, the fairway has been dredged to allow a draught of 10 metres.

Together the new storage fields at the port, the deep-water quay and deep fairway present new business opportunities to local industry and enable more flexible and efficient sea transport all year round the import and export sectors of the Northern and Central Finland.

The new deep-water quay is 355 metres long and has two berths. The quay is intended mainly for bulk goods unloading but can also be used to load ships.

The quay is equipped with an efficient bulk cargo handling system.

Future Looks Bright for Port of Raahe.

The Raahe deep-water quay is part of a larger deep harbour project. The preparations began in 2002, and the project was initiated towards the end of 2007. In cooperation with the Finnish Transport Agency (ex. Finnish Maritime Administration), the sea fairway and basin were dredged between 2008 and 2009 to allow a 10-metre draught depth.

The FTA was responsible for the sea fairway dredging and the city of Raahe took care of the investments involved with the port. The total investment by the FTA and by the city of Raahe was approximately €48 million. The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment of North Ostrobothnia (ex. TE Centre for Northern Ostrobothnia) contributed nearly €5 million to the dredging project.

The Port of Raahe is very important for the import and export industries of the Northern and Central Finland.


Dredging Today Staff, January 4, 2012; Image: raahensatama