Finland: Helsinki Plans Land Reclamation at Hernesaari Area

Helsinki Plans Land Reclamation at Hernesaari Area

As a part of Helsinki’s Western Harbour re-development, a new general plan has been proposed for the Hernesaari dockyard area, enabling construction of housing, jobs, recreation and tourism-related services in the area.

Cruise ships would have one more quay in addition to the current two quays.

The land area of Hernesaari would grow by one-third, by 11 hectares from the current 33 hectares, with landfill. The plan envisions 3,800 jobs and housing for about 5,100 residents. The types of housing would be varied, comprising town houses, row houses, and combinations of apartment buildings and smaller units.

The re-developed Hernesaari would accommodate a heliport, a marina, a water sports centre and a 5-hectare park.


Dredging Today Staff, February 24, 2012; Image: