Pamet Harbor Dredging Completed (USA)

The dredging project on the Pamet Harbor was completed last week,” said Tim Silva, chair of the Pamet Harbor Commission.

This project took three weeks, and it was completed ahead of schedule due to warm weather.

“A machine stirs up the sand, and pumps it to Gull Island, between the north jetty and Corn Hill,” Silva stated. The sand drifts northward from the prevailing southwest winds.

A lot of it comes from south of the river … and from the creeks, but the majority comes from the basin internally,” he explained, adding that “most of the channel sand comes from the outside.”

The plovers love to nest in the new sand that the town puts on the island, Silva noted. “It’s doing two good things, getting the sand out of the harbor and the channel, and also putting it out as beach nourishment,” he said.

The south jetty project is about half complete. The north jetty was rebuilt two years ago, with leftover money that was put toward the south jetty project, concluded Silva.


Dredging Today Staff, February 27, 2012