Ogdensburg Port Authority Wants Dredging (USA)

As Watertown Daily Times reports, at a Wednesday’s meeting of the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority board of directors, Wade A. Davis, Executive Director, said the Port of Ogdensburg has received attention from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The cause of this meeting was the buildup of silt and other deposits at the St. Lawrence River, and that is why the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority is lobbying the federal government to dredge the harbor.

We got a ‘determination of federal interest’ from the Corps, which means we’ve cleared the first gate to having the port dredged,” Davis said. “It produces a document that says the answer to ensure the future of the port is to dredge.”

A report presented by the Army Corps says that a failure to dredge will result in a shallower harbor, making it more difficult for deep-water ships to access the port.

Currently, port activity supports 40 jobs and brings $5 million in direct revenue and $2 million in personal income into the region’s economy.


Dredging Today Staff, March 9, 2012