The Netherlands: Shipkits Builds New Dredger for Boskalis

Shipkits Builds New Dredger for Boskalis

Shipkits has announced that it is hard at work on new vessels for Dutch dredging company Boskalis.

This new hopper dredger with 4500 m3 hold, is the second from a series of 3 for Boskalis and now under construction at the Shipkits’ yard in Poland. The completion of the finished hull will be done by D.W. den Herder Maritiem B.V. Project Manager is Klaas Beuckens.

Shipkits’ scope of work consists in building the complete hull, including the superstructure and funnel, all based upon Centraalstaal steel kits. The hull will be outfitted by Shipkits to a ‘plug and play’ level.

This implies all outfitting and pipingsystems necessary for equipment to be applied in the hull in a full paint system.

During completion, the vessel will be finally equipped in order to become fully operational without having to damage the paint system due to napplying welding, grinding or cutting processes.

Installation of special dredging equipment like rainbow discharge, bottomdoor discharges, overflowpipes, suctionpipe trailer, suctionpipe swell compensator, winches and gantries together with the dredge pipes connecting the hopper with the pumprooms are all part of the Shipkits scope.

Installation of the special dredging equipment will be done in close cooperation with D.W. den Herder Maritiem B.V.

Launching of the second vessel of a total of 3, will be expected in the fourth quarter of 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, March 12, 2012; Image: shipkits