Ukraine: Oversized Heavy Equipment Arrives at Port of Oddesa

Oversized Heavy Equipment Arrives at Port of Oddesa

On March, 16th at the berth 3 of the Odessa port the unloading of party of oversized heavy equipment for building and a roadwork has been made.

Except dredges, stone-breakers and accessories for them, vessel AVIVA (flag of Belize) of a ro-ro type delivered from Turkish port Derindzhe to Odessa a party of cars and a party of citruses which have been unloaded in the afternoon before. The forwarding agent of heavy equipment and transit cars – the port of Odessa.

Oversized Heavy Equipment Arrives at Port of Oddesa

According to the deputy chief of commercial department of the port Andrey Poroshenko, the first call of the vessel AVIVA there can be a startup of a new cargo line “Derindzhe-Odessa” with a regularity of 2-3 calling of thea vessel in a month. The nomenclature of goods traffics transported on the line is various enough: from a citrus to autotracks and large building facilities.

Oversized Heavy Equipment Arrives at Port of Oddesa

Under A.Poroshenko’s statement, the unloading of a trial lot of the oversized general cargo, arrived onboard s/v AVIVA, has passed successfully thanks to harmonious work of technologists, machine operators and dockers of the tranzitno-cargo terminal (TCT).

Feature of the vessel AVIVA – right lateral apparel, – was noted by the main technologist of the port Sergey Gonchar. Is provides technics export on a berth at an angle to an undercrane and to railways. As it was a question of the caterpillar technics, there was a question on necessity of protection of berthing ways from damage by caterpillars. Besides, it was required to provide uniform loading of heavyweights on a berth according to the established specifications. Necessary conditions have been reached by means of metal floorboards and wooden separation.


Dredging Today Staff, March 19, 2012; Images: odessa