USA: Ashtabula Harbor Dredging Set for July

Dredging project on the Ashtabula Harbor is scheduled to begin on July 1. Two of Ashtabula Harbor federal navigational channels will be dredged with the result of removing 230,000 cubic yards of material from the bottom.

Star Beacon reports that sediments consisting mainly of silts, clays and fine sands will be excavated by a mechanical dredge and later transported to suitable areas. The material not suitable for open-lake placement will be sent to a former wastewater settling pond in Ashtabula Township.

65,000 cubic yards will be dumped 2.25 miles from the end of the harbor’s east breakwater at the existing open-lake placement area in Lake Erie.

Projects that involve transportation of dregde materials to Lake Erie must be approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The agency will consider the technical, economic, social and environmental aspects of any planned project before deciding to issue or deny a water quality certification.


Dredging Today Staff, March 29, 2012;