New Zealand: Dredging of Milford Sound’s Main Harbour Kicks Off

$6 million worth of harbour upgrade works were activated in the Milford Sound’s main harbour. This is the single most important investment by the Milford Sound Development Authority (MSDA) in the previous 20 years.

At the moment the harbour poses limitations for the boats that are passing through it. According to Otago Daily Times, the adaption of the harbour will address the operational and safety issues. The size of the Fresh Water Basin harbour, the possible rock fall and tree slides from the cliff are issues that need to be solved.

MSDA board chairman Jeff Grant stated that the works on some parts of the harbour have already begun: “Smith and Crane Construction have started on extending the harbour promenade. Work is also starting on demolishing the existing breakwater and construction of the new breakwater 65m southward and dredging to enlarge the existing harbour.”

Floating wharves will replace the existing wharves at Fresh Water Basin.

The project is due for completion by August 31, with causing minimal disruption to the visitors and operators at Milford Sound.


Dredging Today Staff, April 4, 2012;