USA: Hernando Beach Channel Dredging Project Snagged by DEP

 Hernando Beach Channel Dredging Project Snagged by DEP

The officials will have to wait a while longer to write end to the long-delayed Hernando Beach channel dredging project.

According to Hernando Today, Environmental Services Director Susan Goebel-Canning said the Florida Department of Environmental Protection notified her late Monday that some of the seagrass has been impacted and the county may have to spend money transplanting it.

“We don’t know the severity at this point,” she stated.

Andrew Goetz, president of BCPeabody Construction Services, said his company has complied with all contractual requirements and should be paid.

We believe we are done,” he said.

Hernando County had been withholding the company’s $464,781 retainage fee until the entire project was completed.


Dredging Today Staff, April 11, 2012; Image: hernando