USA: Lahaina Harbor Dredging About to Begin

A state project in and around Lahaina Harbor will begin this week. The project includes dredging work in the entrance to the harbor and removal of a 50-foot section of the pier.

A meeting to discuss this $1.1 million project was held on Friday between Sen. Roz Baker, Rep. Angus McKelvey and Eric Yuasa, head of the Engineering Branch for the state Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation.

Contractor American Marine Corp. (AMC) will remove 6,000 cubic yards of sand and silt from the harbor by summer. The materials will be moved to Mala Wharf with an 82-foot by 26-foot barge. The dredged materials will then be dried and stockpiled on the northwest side of the wharf.

Doug Frazier, AMC Project Manager, said that the dredging is expected to last for 25 to 30 days, and it will be conducted in the shallow area outside the harbor to deepen it to 12 to 13 feet. According to Lahaina News, the dredging is conducted around the harbor because sand migrates to the entrance and channel area.

The state Department of Health will conduct tests to make sure the material is not contaminated. It will then be used for fill by the county and other users.

Strict rules were set for this project. The Army Corps of Engineers asked the company to prevent material from spreading during dredging, monitor surrounding reefs, conduct water quality tests and stop if an endangered species enters the work area.

The replacement of the outer wharf will be done in phases. During this project the Lahaina Yacht Club will provide additional moorings.


Dredging Today Staff, April 12, 2012;