China: Boluomiao Shipyard Successfully Repairs “Tian Rui 1”

Boluomiao Shipyard Successfully Repairs Tian Rui 1.

Repairing the special ship with “high quality, time accuracy, safety, and excellent service”, Boluomiao Shipyard obtained praise from the ship owner, and established an important flag for the brand of BLM. On Apr. 5th, Boluomiao Shipyard completed the big dredger “Tian Rui 1” successfully and achieved the good reputation again.

In the process of repairing, with the faith in the shipyard’s technical force, the ship owner decided to add some additional jobs to expand the repairing project, which included the repair of the reamer shaft and rigid pile hydraulic clamping device and etc. Even so,the repair duration wasn’t lengthened.

With limited time but arduous task, the shipyard took the client’s demand as a starting point and stance of their working, every department worked very closely to ensure all plans could go smoothly based on the schedule. Through the striving of all staffs, the ship was completed successfully and sailing on time.

The ship owner approved the production and management of BLM Shipyard and was deeply impressed by not only adding more jobs but without extra time, but also the shipyard was always thinking of what the owner’s need. In order to express their thankfulness, the ship owner came to the commerce department of the shipyard again and again to say thanks and they wished to have a further cooperation.

The main project of “TianRui 1” also included the repair of the dredge pump, the piping in ER and the routine drydock jobs and so on.


Dredging Today Staff, April 18, 2012; Image: tdc-nf