China: Boluomiao Shipyard Repairs TSHD “Hang Jun 12”

 Boluomiao Shipyard Repairs TSHD Hang Jun 12

Recently, CIC Boluomiao Shipyard has successful repaired several vessels consisting of high tech value. Among them the well repaired trailing suction hopper dredger “Hang Jun 12” was redelivered to the ship owner on Apr. 16th 2012.

The repair works for the subject vessel included the overhaul of 3 sets of generators, air system, 4 sets of oil separators, air conditioning system, hydraulic system, escape passage of ER, pump room & steering engine room, regular docking repair and etc.

During the repair period, the chiefs of relative departments went to the working spot many times to instruct the performance and insured the repair quality, safety & repair period. Because the repair period was coinciding with the spring raining season, which brought many difficulties to the working on main deck, at open area and inside cargo hold, but the workers volunteered to work overtime to meet ship owners’ demand of the repair period and maximization of the owner’s interest.

While the refitting period, all workers worked together and finished their jobs as per schedule for the survey without delay. At last, they accomplished the repair work with good time and quality.


Dredging Today Staff, April 19, 2012