Thailand: Prime Minister Urges Agencies to Integrate Their Works in Water Management

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has told all agencies to integrate their works in water management for an effective flood prevention plan.

During the meeting to follow up on national water management plan, the premier urged all agencies to work in unison and utilize the same strategy and information.

Science and Technology Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi said the Prime Minister has designated three stages for water management. The first stage is at the water source. Dykes’ construction and repair works are underway and expected to be finished by June, in time for the arrival of the rainy season.

The middle stream is the second stage, where authorities dredge canals, fix water sluice gates, and make Monkey Cheek water retention systems.

As for the final stage, or downstream area, where Bangkok and other provinces in lower central region lie, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and provincials authorities are dredging canals and making sure of effective sewerage system.


Dredging Today Staff, May 1, 2012;