Port Jefferson Beaches Reconstruction Comes in Two Phases (USA)

As Port Jefferson Patch reports, the damage done to Port Jefferson beaches by multiple storms over the last few years has resulted in a severely shortened beach.

According to trustee Lee Rosner who has been coordinating the beach restoration project, the village is expected to put out packages for public bid by next week.

The reconstruction comes in two phases:

– At East Beach, repairs to the steel sea wall, revetment, bath house repair, parking lot, sidewalks, ramps, utilities and other site work constitutes the first phase and should cost around $1,450,000,

– Phase two will comprise of dredging, replenishing sand and some planting at a cost of around $500,000.

Rosner said that the cost would be about $9 or $10 million because both the east and west jetties at the mouth of the harbor are bad.

The east side jetty is the real problem according to the Army Corps of Engineers,” he said. “The west jetty is owned by Brookhaven.”

Without money to dredge or fix the jetties, sand will continue to fill in the harbor from beaches to the west.


Dredging Today Staff, May 10, 2012;