Ukraine: “Londonskaya” Hosts VI International Ports Conference

Londonskaya Hosts VI International Ports Conference

On May 14 at the conference hall of hotel “Londonskaya” the VI International Conference “Freight and Ports of the Azov-Black Seas Basin” took place.

Among the participants there were representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Israel, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Egypt, Norway, Romania, the Netherlands and other countries. Organizers – “Business Forum” company, “Industrial cargoes” magazine, IA “Metal-Courier.” The general partner is the port of Odessa.

Before the beginning of the forum the General Manager of the port of Odessa Yuriy Vaskov welcomed the guests:

Despite the crisis and post-crisis periods the cargo turnover volumes in 2011 increased in domestic ports,” said Mr. Vaskov. “The credit for increase is shared by both public and private ports and terminals that are currently handle 40 percent of cargoes. Consequently, the market is growing for freight and transport companies.”

“I want to remind that Ukraine is on the threshold of reform of port industry: we expecte adoption of the Law “On Sea Ports” in the nearest future. The main purpose of this Act is not privatization, as many mistakenly believe, but to provide opportunities for investors to enter the Ukrainian ports on terms of concession. This will allow investing in infrastructure development, respectively, in the Ukrainian ports and attracting additional cargoes.”

“Many domestic companies and neighboring countries expect the adoption of the Act, to obtain a concession of port facilities and increase cargo base. For us, the port workers, it means an increase in cargo handling, transport streams, passing through the territory of Ukraine. The prospects on my opinion are positive. The main thing is not to lose time to participate actively in the forthcoming reforms. I wish you all success, share experience, which then can be used in practice.”

The conference program includes analysis of dry cargo market of the Black and Azov Seas basin, the market of bulk, grain cargoes, a review of exports of ferrous metals in the Black Sea, the consideration of the potential of container shipping on the Black Sea and its connection with the container shipping market on the Mediterranean Sea and other issues.


Dredging Today Staff, May 16, 2012; Image: port.odessa