USA: Mayor Gives Up on Saddle River Dredging Help

Karen Chamberlain, the Saddle Brook Mayor recently admitted “help for dredging the Saddle River Basin is not going to come from the national or state level. Dredging is not going to happen.

According to, Chamberlain made this admission after attending a local flood meeting in Hackensack comprised of various township officials, mayors and councilmembers.

The meeting was put together for local officials to discuss what local municipalities could do to deal with the ever flooding river basin and the effects of flooding on local residents.

“Local officials, along with myself, are working on flood progress however those officials that were at the flooding meeting in Hackensack concluded that dredging the river just won’t happen,” she said. “Due to this it is time for us to focus on mitigation for those that incurred flood waters and sadly, will take on flood waters.”


Dredging Today Staff, May 17, 2012;