Spain: Ibercisa Thinks Big

Ibercisa Thinks Big

At 2012, Ibercisa will continue to emphasize the advantages of electrically driven deck equipment, definitely one of the big technological advances in this field. The electronic system will greatly affect a vessel’s efficiency and running costs by reducing fuel costs.

Ibercisa will also give special attention to equipment for the Offshore & AHTS sector as well as TUGs, Oceanic and Port (Harbour and Escort) and Dredging.

Ibercisa manufactures winches with capacities of up to 350 tons pull, combined and waterfall type winches, and 600 tons on the brake and has, in recent years, signed important Offshore and Anchor Handling contracts. Ibercisa uses all the latest technology in the manufacture of equipment for fishing boats, merchant vessels, oceanographic vessels and civil engineering works.

One of the lastest deliveries of the Company is the deck machinery for the new dredger “Willen de Vlamingh” for the Belgian Company Jan de Nul. The machinery supplied includes a huge winch electronically driven by frequency converter and comprises a main engine of 110 Kw giving a direct pull of 33 tn., and a second auxiliary engine for emergencies of 20 Kw giving the same pull at a slower speed. The winch also features 2 drums working simultaneously with a capacity of 220m of 36mm diam. cable in a single layer with a break capacity of 45 Tns.

Apart from this winch, Ibercisa will also be sending 4 towing winches to Singapore for the Company President Marine. The “Willan de Vlamingh” Fall Pipe Dredger, is the second Belgian vessel to be equipped by Ibercisa in less than a year. At the beginning of 2011, the Vigo company supplied machinery for the “Charles Darwin”, built in La Naval, at Sestao also for Jan de Nul.

Another field in wich Ibercisa is becoming stronger is Civil Work. Last year, Ibercisa got a contract with Erin Shipyard from Manaus (Brazil) to supply 64 anchor winches for the bridge built by ODEBRECHT of more than 3, 5 km that allows sailing underneath. The anchor winches allow to place and moor the barges and adjust its position according to the river flow level variations, its difference varies from winter to summer by more than 7 meters. The order consisted of supplying:

• 24 Anchor winches for a Ø 64 mm chain.

• 40 Anchor winches for a Ø 38 mm chain.

• 12 independent power-packs to action mentioned anchor winches.

The total value of the contract was over US$ 3 million.

Brazil is appearing to be a very interesting and dynamic market for Ibercisa and at present makes up 25% of the company’s business.

The Company is planning to enlarge its facilities adding new numerical control machinery in order to continue its growth in foreign markets. 85% of the production is assigned to export with Brazil, Russia, China, Taiwan, Holland and Singapore as principle markets.

From its early beginnings, Ibercisa was renowned for its loyalty to the boat-building industry and its product development arising from close contact with crews and owners which in perfect combination with its highly qualified engineers and technical staff and an outstanding “international” spirit has placed its machinery aboard vessels in all the oceans of the world and in more than 30 countries.

In addition to its significant presence on AHT & Tug Vesssels, Ibercisa has also supplied equipment for Oceanographic, Merchant and Fishing Vessels and for the Navy.


Dredging Today Staff, May 18, 2012; Image: IBERCISA