USACE Invites Bids for Waukegan Harbor Dredging (USA)

USACE Invites Bids for Waukegan Harbor Dredging

The Pre-Solicitation Notice is being issued by the United States Army Corps of Engineers – Chicago District to inform interested/potential contractors of the District’s imminent issue of an Invitation for Bids to obtain dredging for the Waukegan Harbor maintenace dredging project.

Under the contract set, the Contractor will be responsible for providing all necessary labor, equipment, and materials to perform Mechanical Dredging of 30,000 cubic yards of sand in the Approach Channel of Waukegan Harbor.

This maintenance dredging will remove littoral drift sand from the federal channel to a depth of -22′ LWD with allowable dredging extending down to -24′ LWD. An option for an extra 10,000 cubic yards may be awarded. Disposal will be 1 mile South of the Harbor in the nearshore disposal area that has been used for the past 2 dredging events.

There will also be an option to take the sand 8 miles North of Illinois beach State Park for near shore placement. Exact location of material will be determined during pre-dredge soundings.

The estimated magnitude of the proposed procurement is between $250,000.00 and $500,000.00.


Dredging Today Staff, May 18, 2012; Image: