Oceanside Beaches Get New Sand (USA)

As nctimes.com reports, a much-needed sand is piling up on Oceanside beaches this week as the USACE wraps up its annual dredging of the city harbor.

A lot of sand was pulled out of the harbor this year to spread on the beach as far south as a playground near the Oceanside Municipal Pier.

That’s a big improvement over last year, when winter storms had so eroded the beach that all of the harbor sand had to go to build up the portion of the beach north of the pier.

Frank Quan, the harbor and beaches director, said: „In all, more than 200,000 cubic yards of sand will be taken from the harbor for this beach renourishment.“

As part of the dredging, the Army Corps removed a sandbar that had built up at the mouth of the harbor, creating a hazard to boaters who had to fight their way through rough surf that was churned up as waves crashed over the sandbar.


Dredging Today Staff, June 1, 2012;