Italdraghe: Two Italian Coastal Protection Projects Completed

Two Italian Coastal Protection Projects Completed.

Two Italian coastal protection projects have recently been completed thanks to the effective long-distance pumping power of Italdraghe booster stations.

In the first, near Marina di Ravenna (RA), on the east Adriatic Coast, an SGT 350 booster played a fundamental role in creating an underwater quarry-sand barrier at a distance of 600 metres from the coast.

The second project, at Punta Ala (GR) on the north west Tyrrhenian Coast, involved using an SGT 200 Italdraghe booster to fill geotextile tubes positioned 300 metres away from the shore with sand brought in from local quarries.

Two Italian Coastal Protection Projects Completed

In both cases the advantages of the boosters proved to be:

– Limited set up requirements

– Non-disturbance of tourism-related activities

– Quick project completion time

– Reduced costs compared to traditional barrier creation methods.


Dredging Today Staff, June 11, 2012; Images: Italdraghe