USA: Funds for North Myrtle Beach Dredging Projects Dried Up?

Funds for North Myrtle Beach Dredging Projects Dried Up.

Governor Nikki Haley has vetoed a bill designed to create funding for dredging projects in North Myrtle Beach, according to

House Bill 4033 would have allowed the city to create a special tax district in Cherry Grove to dredge canals surrounding many homes in the area.

In a written statement, Haley said she vetoed the bill because it “gives improvement districts the ability to tax more homeowners who have not given their consent.”

The statement went on to say Haley worried the bill could lead to new taxes for people living along waterways.

The people within the district where it might be imposed get to vote on whether or not it will be imposed,” North Myrtle Beach Spokesman Pat Dowling said.  “And it’s a tax on a specific area for a specific project and once the project is paid off the tax goes away.”


Dredging Today Staff, July 2, 2012; Image: