China: CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Wins Zhuhai Land Forming Deal

On June 25, CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for Section II of the land forming and soft foundation treatment works of Phase II of Ocean Spring Resort in Zhuhai, with a contract value of 537.62 million yuan.

Located in the southwest of Phase 1 holiday village of Ocean Spring Resort in Zhuhai, the project involves hot spring holiday town, sports and leisure facilities, and real estate. With an area of some 780,000 square meters, Section II won by the company includes Zone V and Nanquan Zone. Both zones build up land with sand, with a contraction period of 450 days and 550 days respectively.

The project is of great importance to further enriching varieties of Zhuhai’s travel and holiday products and accelerating the development of Zhuhai’s tourism.


Dredging Today Staff, July 3, 2012