USA: Arthur J Salvage Work Continues

Arthur J Salvage Work Continues

On-scene weather conditions Wednesday have improved, allowing salvage operations to continue on the Arthur J, the 110-foot dredge barge that is now completely sunk two miles off the shore of Lakeport, Mich., in Lake Huron.

The vessel sank after heavy seas last night continued to impact it.

After the Arthur J sank completely, and settled to the bottom, additional diesel fuel was located in a fuel tank and was immediately removed from the wreck.

More severe weather conditions are predicted later today and may again suspend salvage efforts.

There continues to be no significant environmental impact to the affected area.

All local area beaches remain open. Clean-up crews will continue to walk the beaches to ensure they meet a standard approved by the state of Michigan and St. Clair County Health Department officials.


Dredging Today Staff, July 26, 2012; Image: U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer Levi Read