USA: Thousand Oaks Residents Seek Solution for Flooding

Residents of the Thousand Oaks subdivision in Trinity complained Tuesday to Pasco County commissioners about flooding Tropical Storm Debby brought to their neighborhood and urged them to find ways to keep their homes dry, reports

Many residents believe that this could be prevented. Dredging could be one of the possibilities to avoid this situation.

Something has to be done,” Trinity Oaks homeowner Ron Levi told commissioners.

County officials are going to meet with the Southwest Water Management District Monday, but they have not submitted an official request for dredging.

Last year, Pasco County asked the Southwest Water Management District for permission to dredge a canal through what the county believes is an already disturbed wetland, but SWIFTMUD denied that request.

County commissioners hope for a different result this year.


Dredging Today Staff, July 26, 2012

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