Army Corps Continues Activities at Rehoboth Beach (USA)

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has continued to make regular appearances along the Rehoboth Beach shore, according to

The Corps will remain in Rehoboth until mid-September to ensure that the outfall pipes for the renourishment project remain unclogged.

We’re making sure the outfall pipes are clear,” Corps spokesman Steve Rochette said. “When we did the renourishment project, some of the sand covered the pipes and it hasn’t eroded as we had expected. We use an excavator to make sure (the pipes are) clear for stormwater purposes.” reports that the Corps tries to only operate the excavators during daylight hours and when there are low tides, or as the weather dictates.

But excavators are pieces of construction equipment. And although it is the height of tourism season on the beaches, this process is an absolute necessity.

I prefer they not be (on the beach), but we can’t allow the pipes to be plugged in,” Mayor Sam Cooper said. “We’re grateful for the sand, and I feel bad this has happened. It’s just very unfortunate it turned out like this.”


Dredging Today Staff, July 30, 2012