China: Nantong Binhai Park Reclamation Kicks Off

Nantong Binhai Park Reclamation Kicks Off

The start-up ceremony of reclamation project in Nantong Binhai Park, co-invested by Jiangsu Hantong Group, was held on the project site in the morning of 1st, Aug, 2012.

The Municipal Standing Committee Mr. Chen Zhaohuang and vice mayor Mr. Xun Hui attended the ceremony.

The first phase of this project is located between Yaowang Gangzha and Dong’an Xinzha in Tongzhou district. The south area is close to Sanjiasha reclamation district and north reaches Lenjiasha beach. The total length of first-phase-tunnel project comes to 9,500 meters, which cost around 0.4 billion RMB. The estimated duration of the first-phase project is scheduled 12 months.

With the further operation of costal development strategy, Nantong has entered the phase of wide spread development of costal area. To promote its further development, Nantong municipal government decided to set up Nantong Binhai Park and Port Development Co.,Ltd. In the beginning of 2012, in attempt to develop this area as the largest port cluster in China, the new strategic-cooperation model district in North-Shanghai area as well as the costal development and opening area in Jiangsu province.


Dredging Today Staff, August 6, 2012; Image: cnhtgroup

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