Port Bonython to Undergo Environmental Assessment (Australia)

Planning Minister John Rau today released guidelines for the Environmental Impact Statement to be undertaken on the proposed deep sea port facility at Port Bonython.

Mr Rau said the EIS for the $600-700 million proposed facility could take up to 18 months, and would work to ensure the project meets all the requirements prior to construction.

“We appreciate and encourage community interest in this venture. These guidelines and the EIS will be subject to thorough processes aimed at ensuring the facility is environmentally sound,” he said.

The privately-funded bulk commodities export facility was granted Major Development status in March this year.

Mr Rau said the proposal features a three-kilometre jetty and conveyance system, iron ore storage facility and a rail line connecting the facility to the existing, Port Augusta/Whyalla rail line.

It will also accommodate cape-sized vessels capable of carrying up to 180,000 tonnes of cargo,” he said.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Patrick Conlon said the proposed facility builds on South Australia’s impressive reputation within the mining sector and would provide a direct link from the State to the global export market.

Not only will this proposed development cement our status as a mining hub on a global scale, but bring significant social and economic benefits to South Australia,” he said.

The proposed development will also employ about 400 workers during construction as well as ongoing employment.

Once the EIS has been submitted and publicly released, the public will have the opportunity to comment and a public meeting will be held.

Extensive consultation has been conducted by the State Government and the Flinders Ports led consortium and will continue as the Port Bonython project progresses.


Dredging Today Staff, August 9, 2012