UAE: Abu Dhabi to Host Port Management Strategy Summit 2013

Abu Dhabi to Host Port Management Strategy Summit 2013

Fleming Gulf Conferences in association with aiVP and ASC presents the most sought after ports and docks conference – The Port Management Strategy Summit 2013.

This one of its kind forum will provide a unique opportunity for the port authorities, dock yards, government bodies, stakeholders, service providers and related consultants to synchronize their thoughts, and coordinate their efforts in order to strategically adapt to the evolving trends.

The summit is scheduled to be held on 5 -6 February 2013 in Abu Dhabi and will be attended by international port audience and marine logistics professionals who will share their challenges and best practices. The conference will provide a platform to gain insights and learn about the latest developments at the port frontier.

The private sector business motives, regional stevedoring and political interference, along with strict norms set forth by international associations renders port management a complicated show to run. Increased competition calls for better ways to handle the transshipments, strategic port management solutions, and balancing risks & profits.

Combined with the rivalry between various ports to capture more imports/exports than the other, port authorities find it increasingly difficult to adapt to a competitive landscape.

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Press Release, September 11, 2012