Germany: Port of Hamburg Prepares Development Project

Port of Hamburg Prepares Development Project

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH has unveiled plan for the Africa Road East Terminal – Stage 1 development.

This plan includes following works:

– Earthworks and disposal, to increase the port terrain area (6 sub-projects that total approximately 75,000m²) with measures for site clearance, demolition (deep sea wall & foundations), obstacle clearance, waste (contaminated soil, ballast, sleepers), drainage/water treatment, earthworks, ground improvement works (mortar pillars, vertical drains), ordnance soundings, dredging (quay before distributions), each including benefits to engineering,

– Volumes of soil (including proportionate supply of materials): road embankments total about 250,000m³,

– Temporary sand ballast total about 180,000m3, quay before payout total about 200,000m3, about 50,000m3 of soil disposal (LAGA Z2-Z5),

– The site clearance, explosives ordnance exploration works and recessed floor are primarily to be made in 2013/2014, the dismantling of the sand load after laytime takes place mainly in 2014/2015, while part of the areas are still in the planning stages.

Scheduled date for start of award procedures is October 23, 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, September 14, 2012; Image: Port of Hamburg