SOKIT: Capricorn Coast Dredging is Sensitive Environmental Issue (Australia)

Capricorn Coast Dredging is Sensitive Environmental Issue

Community action group, Save Our Keppel Island Taskforce (SOKIT), hold grave concerns for local marine life if GKI Resort Pty Ltd proposed Revitalisation Plan goes ahead.

GKI Resort’s environmental impact statement (EIS) identifies large volumes of acidic soil in the area of the proposed marina with up to 300 000m3 of material to be exposed during dredging.

Darren Brighton, SOKIT’s Environmental Advisor, says the consequences of disturbing acid sulphate soil are well documented, with outbreaks in disease and reductions in fish stocks commonly observed.

Acid sulphate soil was found at the site of the proposed marina and of a type that will cause long term impacts if not managed appropriately,” Mr Brighton said.

Disturbing these types of soils can cause disease in local fish populations, a problem that is currently being investigated in Gladstone.’ he said.

Spokesperson for SOKIT, Alister Waller, said that the EIS highlights the failure of the developer to comply with State and Commonwealth government requirements on acid sulphate soils.

The extent of testing does not comply with government standards and raises doubts on the developer’s environmental management capabilities,” Mr Waller said.

“Dredging on the Capricorn Coast is a sensitive environmental and economic issue and the developer owes us assurance that all potential issues associated with the dredging will be managed,” said Mr Waller.

The Commonwealth government is currently inviting interested or concerned community members to provide written submissions on the EIS by 5pm October 22, 2012.


Press Release, September 20, 2012