Dredge Yard: Improved Website (The Netherlands)

Dredge Yard, Improved Website

Dredge Yard unveiled its redesigned website this week, featuring major enhancements to its popular site.

The new website’s appearance is fresher, with many new pictures collected from all Dredge Yard offices, foundries and machine shops.

Dredge Yard supplies several dredging components needed for the dredgers and dredge pipe lines. Those dredge components are designed by Dredge Yard and produced in co-operation with partners at high quality manufacturing facilities.

Dredge Yard delivers dredge Ball Joints in the range of 400mm up to the biggest size, dredge suction mouth in several sizes made from casting and fabricated materials, dredge spud carries, dredge turning glands, dredge valves and others dredging components.



Dredging Today Staff, October 1, 2012