Kara Sea Safe for Dredging (Russia)

Kara Sea Safe for Dredging

Ships of Northern Fleet (NF) minesweeping task unit on Oct 1 returned to permanent basing sites. The unit was dispatched to the Gulf of Ob (Kara Sea) to search, detect, and dispose explosive objects.

NF minesweeping task unit consisting of seagoing minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko, hydrographic ship Senezh, replenishment oiler Sergei Osipov, and rescue tug Pamir started examination and mine clearance of navigable areas in the Gulf of Ob on Aug 15.

As of now, the checked areas are safe for ships of all kinds and sizes, as well as for bottom dredging works and anchorage. Minesweeping operations in the Gulf of Ob were extremely complicated because of severe weather, strong wind and current, low visibility and muddy bottom.

Minesweeping works in the Gulf of Ob started in Aug 2011. As a result, about 100 sq miles were opened for navigation in the last year.


Press Release, October 3, 2012