The Netherlands: TID Opens Training Location at Krimpen Shipyard

TID Opens Training Location at Krimpen Shipyard

In September, 2012, TID opened the doors to their new training location at Krimpen aan den IJssel Shipyard, The Netherlands. The training location includes three training rooms and an office for TID staff.

The facility is conveniently located near the quay where the dredge vessels are commissioned. TID is currently training three dredge crews at the Krimpen Shipyard location, while their vessels are being built.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to train the crews near their dredge vessels as they are being constructed,” say Timon Vinke and Nicoline de Ruiter, Project Managers of these three training programmes. “The crews, currently on training with us, are following an equipment training programme, and with this type of training it is very important to have access to the dredgers whenever needed. During the equipment training the crews are trained on the operation and maintenance of all equipment installed onboard of the dredger. Suppliers of the equipment are asked to share their knowledge with our crews and train them in order to assure a smooth start-up and operation with their dredger. To show them their equipment in practice the trainees will go on board as much as possible.”

Opening the doors of this new training location demonstrates TID’s flexibility in providing training at various locations.

“TID has the flexibility to train on any location in the world, on the clients’ dredger, premises or local facilities. But this type of equipment training is very specific and need the dredger in the near vicinity”, explains Manager TID Dingeman van Woerden.We are happy that we could setup these new training facilities near the dredgers of our clients. With our other training programmes, we also try to be as close to our clients and their dredge material as possible. For this reason, in addition to our locations in Kinderdijk and Krimpen aan den IJssel (The Netherlands), we have training facilities in China, and are looking into the possibility of setting up training facilities in more countries.


Press Release, October 9, 2012