Development of Pakistan Deep Water Container Port Hits Delay

Development of Pakistan Deep Water Container Port Hits Delay

Karachi Port Trust Official announced last week that the Pakistan Deep Water Container Port has been delayed due to technical reasons.

The main reason for the delay is dredging as hard soil/rocks were found on the site, according to

At present the throughput of cargo stands at 41 million tones and since it is expected to rise to 100 million tons in the years to come therefore corresponding increase in deep draft capacity is absolutely essential.

Soon after taking over charge the new Chairman Mr. Javed Hanif initiated round the clock dredging of the berths to increase the draft capacity for larger vessels to dock up to 13 meters.

KPT is positive that the increased drafting capacity will bring in considerable economic benefits not only to the port but also to the country. It would attract the shipping lines to do more business with Karachi Port due to it becoming more cost effective. It is expected that revenue generation of KPT will be effectively enhanced owing to the newly deepened berths and will prove welcome addition to the national exchequer.


Dredging Today Staff, October 22, 2012