India: DCI to Expand Its Fleet with Three New Dredgers

According to Chairman and Managing Director D.K Mohanty, Dredging Corporation of India (DCI) will soon expand its fleet with three new dredgers. reports that during the next two years, three trailer suction hopper dredgers will join the DCI’s dredging fleet.

Mr. Mohanty stated: “We will get a new TSHD in December and another one in July-August next year and one more in the following year (2014). It will substantially improve our performance. It will also give us an opportunity to refurbish our old dredgers and improve our productivity. We are very positive on that front.

DCI has not been able to procure any new dredging machinery in the last nine years, Parliamentary Standing Committee has pointed out in its latest report.

Of the 10 trailer suction dredgers that DCI owns, seven are over 20 years and the oldest is 37 years.


Dredging Today Staff, October 29, 2012