Carlsbad Beach Restoration Resumes Soon (USA)

Carlsbad Beach Restoration Resumes Soon

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on the afternoon of November 7, an incident involving efforts to clear a clogged onshore pipe occurred at the Fletcher Cove worksite in Solana Beach.

There were no injuries as a result of the accident. Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company immediately shut down work on the project to assess the situation and launched an investigation to find out more details related to the cause of the accident. The SANDAG Construction Management Team also is undergoing a safety review. At this time, SANDAG and Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company agree that the methods undertaken to clear the clogged pipe will not be employed again on this project.

Several construction related activities will occur over the next few days, including moving equipment such as bulldozers on the beach, repair and movement of pipe from Oceanside Harbor to South Carlsbad, deploying divers for work in South Carlsbad and Solana Beach, and movement of tug boats and other vessels. None of this work will involve active dredging or the placement of material. However, these efforts will be undertaken to prepare the contractor and equipment for the potential placement of material.

Safety is of the utmost priority and active dredging will not occur until SANDAG is satisfied with the plan to resume construction on the project. Sand replenishment at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach began on November 4 and was scheduled to last approximately six days. Equipment mobilization, including placement of a large offshore pipe on the beach began in late October. Once the project resumes construction, work will be completed in the cities of Solana Beach and Carlsbad.

South Carlsbad

Approximately 140,000 cubic yards of new sand will be placed starting near the Palomar Airport Rd. and Carlsbad Blvd. intersection and extending south roughly 2,200 feet. To prepare, an onshore pipe has landed on the beach and will remain in place for the duration of the project.

North Carlsbad

Placement of approximately 200,000 cubic yards of new sand is expected to begin in late November and last eleven days. Sand replenishment will extend south from the Buena Vista Lagoon and end near Carlsbad Village Drive.


Press Release, November 14, 2012