DoT: Navigation Warning for ‘The Cut’ (Australia)

Navigation Warning for The Cut

Skippers navigating the channel from the Leschenault Estuary to Koombana Bay known as ‘The Cut’ have been warned to take extra care in the area.

Department of Transport (DoT) South West Regional Manager Peter Kiely said a sand bar had formed in the channel with shallow waters extending from the northern seawall in all directions.

Navigating the area requires extreme caution, especially during breaking seas or strong tidal flows,” Mr Kiely said.

“Skippers should be aware that seas could break at unusual and unexpected locations, both within the Channel and at the entrance. There may also be shallow waters that are not normally present.”

The Cut is regularly used by recreational skippers seeking access to open waters and returning to boat ramps in the Estuary, the Collie River and Grand Canals.

Storm damage has severely compromised the rock wall where it meets the beach and protective granite boulders have been dislodged allowing sand to spill into the channel.

Mr Kiely said DoT was liaising with the local coastal managers including the Shire of Harvey and Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) to identify options to remedy the problem.

Until a works schedule can be implemented we are urging skippers to take care,” Mr Kiely said.


Press Release, November 19, 2012