UAE: HYPACK Presents HYPACK 2013 Software

HYPACK Presents HYPACK 2013 Software

Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group Company, which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution provider, announces today the launch of HYPACK 2013 software in the HYPACK Training Workshop 2012.

The workshop is organized by Unique System FZE and will be held from Nov 19th to Nov 21st in Radisson Blu in the UAE. The 3-day training workshop will cover several aspects of single beam and multibeam hydrographic surveying and dredge management using the HYPACK and HYSWEEP packages. The HYPACK® 2013 will premiere the completed 64-bit HYSWEEP® EDITOR, provide new features in some of its processing modules and include all of the tweaks and fixes since the February release. The complete training workshop session will be conducted by Mr. Pat Sanders, Founder and President of HYPACK Inc.

On this occasion Pat commented “Improvements on the HYPACK® package continue as we strive to keep abreast of industry trends and new equipment. New products for the dredging industry (DREDGEPACKTM), Side Scan, Sub-bottom, ADCP and topographic laser support have been added to the roster”. This release also contains the new updated Barge and Tug Management option for anchor management which is a new addition to the software suit and is very useful in the oilfield and offshore operations in this part of the world.

Some of the highlights of HYPACK 2013 are as follows:

– 64-BIT HYSWEEP® EDITOR, which enables much faster processing.

– HYSWEEP® SURVEY: Dual-logging for multibeam and topographic data and Support for Tritech Gemini Profiler and Odom MB1.

– HYPACK® CUBE: New options in the Grid View such as exporting geo-referenced TIF files for use as a background chart and printing of the Grid View Display with the system printer.

– Single Beam Editor that supports up to 100 template points and various other options.

– SORT using 4 different sorting algorithms: 32-BIT AND 64-BIT VERSIONS.

– Side Scan Targeting and Mosaicking

– Barge-Tug Management Module

– Barge Management Module

Ian Huggins commented “We have been conducting this workshop now since 5 years and bringing the Hydrographic community together. This is the 1st time we launched the software in the UAE before any other country. We look forward to many such events and promoting the HYPACK software in our region”.


Press Release, November 19, 2012