China: Xiangyu Dredging Hosts Its Investor Site Visit in Wuhan

Xiangyu Dredging Hosts Its Investor Site Visit in Wuhan

Xiangyu Dredging Holdings Limited, the largest privately owned dredging company in China in terms of dredging volume in 2010, hosted its investor site visit in Wuhan on 15 November.

Analysts and investors from China and Hong Kong have attended the visit and they have expressed their great appreciation on every aspect of Xiangyu which include the progress of the Company’s environmental protection dredging construction, project management, and the advanced technologies and equipments.

According to the event organizer, the Board Secretary Mr. Hong Tao and the Project Manager have accompanied with the analysts and investors to visit the project site. At the event, the Company has made a presentation on the dredging industry’s prospect, Xiangyu’s project progress, its technological edges etc. Guests viewed the Swiss-imported and self-made drying equipments and environmental protection dredgers. They were shown how to use the treated water for fish farming and to use treated sludge for growing vegetables. Currently, the construction is now making good progress and is expected to be completed next year.

It is worth noting that, Xiangyu’s environmental protection dredging equipments prevent spreading of sludge, give hi-efficient drying, add no harmful chemicals, produce zero secondary pollution, and have high productivity.

Xiangyu Dredging

According to reports, the Wuhan project visited was rewarded Xiangyu in recognition of its outstanding achievements in the previous Wuhan project. Thus, the project was seen as a remark for the approval on Xiangyu’s professionalism in environmental protection dredging. With the continued support of the clients, there will be more environmental protection dredging projects to come.

As a China’s leading player in environmental protection dredging industry, Xiangyu is well-equipped with technical skills of and possesses extensive experience in dredging. Strategically, Xiangyu have also proposed to increase investment in emerging environmental protection dredging business. Meanwhile, the environmental protection dredging business of the Company was bolstered by numerous international environmental technologists who provide superior technologies. To enhance service quality, Xiangyu have done a hard work on optimization of the dredging equipments. In particular, the Company’s hi-efficiency drying skill has reached top-end level in China.

Xiangyu, buttressed by its advanced technologies, keep improving and revising solutions in fixing the environmental problems occurring in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and shipping, in accordance to the different conditions and needs in every single part of China. Do well and innovate, Xiangyu indeed deserves to be awarded the “2012 China Dredging Company of the Year”.


Press Release, November 21, 2012